Make a Rustic Windsor Settee

with Drew Langsner

This tutorial offers an opportunity to make a truly unique piece of furniture – a rustic Windsor settee. In designing the settee, Drew has chosen to use individual arm supports rather than an elongated arm bow. This was fairly common in old Irish folk chairs. The result is a chair where the back spindles are more comfortable, and the isn’t the complication of fitting spindles through an intermediate arm-rest back bow. In this version the back rest spindles are capped with crest rail. The seat is 42 inches long, a size where 4 legs provide adequate support.

This tutorial is for those who have already made at least one other Windsor chair. While the styling is quite simple, there are many parts to make and fit together during the assembly. The seats will be tulip poplar. Red oak is used for the back rest structure. American elm or oak will be used for the legs.

The tuition is $1000. This includes materials, meals and accommodations. Students will be expected to bring a fairly extensive kit of tools for this advanced level class.

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Drew Langsner
828-656-2280 (M-F, 9-6 Eastern time)

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