Make a Ckassic Shaving Horse
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When Drew Langsner first sat at a shaving horse and used a drawknife he knew that this was a woodworking tool and wood holding system that is both unique and highly practical. (This was during Drew's 1972 apprenticeship with Swiss master cooper Ruedi Kohler.) Wood is held steady by a foot treadle that operates a pivoting member with an overhanging head that jams the wood in place on an angled work support. The drawknife, with its two handles, allows the woodworker to remove wood quickly and accurately. It's no surprise that the shaving horse is also a perfect mate for using a spokeshave (pulling or pushing), but not many woodworkers are aware that it can also be used to secure stock for quick hand-planing and for carving.

During this weekend course students make a Alpine style shaving horse based on the pattern used by Herr Kohler. This design is well-suited for cooperage, shaving chair parts (ladderbacks and Windsors), making tool handles, basket rims and much more.

The project also serves as an introduction to many traditional woodworking techniques, utilizing cylindrical mortise and tenon joinery for the legs, and rectangular joinery for the head and treadle. The bench section will be yellow pine; oak will be used for the swinging arm and head unit and elm for the legs.

The tuition is $400. This includes: materials, meals and a private room. Students will bring a kit of common tools; the more specialized tools are provided.
The instructor is Drew Langsner.

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