Latest Newsletters (In descending order)
Feb. - March 2012
- CW History
- Spoonfest
- Design-study: Butter Knife Project

January 2012
- Comparing woodworking schools
- Louise begins kitchen garden blog
- More spreaders

Nov. - Dec. 2011
- Schedule update
- More on Stumps with legs
- Spreader from Italy


Sept. - Oct. 2011
- Schedule update
- Stumps with legs
- Spreader from Down Under


August 2011
- Tutorial schedule update
- Butter knife project update
- Kindling brake


July 2011
- Report from the 17th century
- New at the CW Store
- Butter knife project update

June 2011
- Special books at CW Store
- Butter knife project update

May 2011
- Butter knife project update
- Riving brake

March - April 2011
- Butter knife project update
- Svante Djarv sheath knife
- Kids wood carving in Saudi Arabia

February 2011
- Butter knife project
- Schedule update

January 2011
- Riving techniques
- Looking for interns

December 2010
- A month in Japan
-Starter tool set for bowl carvers

October - November 2010
-2011 schedule announced
-The Red Queen's Throne

August - September 2010
-Class report: Coopering
-Class report: Making an
Andon lantern

June - July 2010
-Japan Tour Update
-Woodworking with Kids

May 2010
-Workbench for chair makers and bowl carvers
-"Carving Swedish Woodenware" DVD

March - April 2010
-Storage for Woodworking Tools
-Tuning a Carving Axe
Gift Certificates
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Older Newsletters
February 2010
Japan Tour Update
New Tools from CW Store
Woodworking Poetry

January 2010
Japananese woodworkers visit CW

December 2009
Post and Rung Chairmaking School

Japan Tour update
Follow CW on Facebook

Oct. - Nov. 2009
Upcoming Tutorials & Workshops

2010 Japan Tour
Wille Sundqvist Spoon Carving Grasps

September 2009
Summer Journal

Carving a Serving Ladle, Pt. 3
New HK numbering system

August 2009
Bowl-Dog Road Tests
17th Century Online
New Sharpening Hone from DMT

July 2009
Carving a Serving Ladle, Pt. 2
Make a 2-Brick Forge

Jimmy Possum Chairs

June 2009
Dual Micro-Volunteer Weeks
Carving a Serving Ladle
Put Away That Mallet

May 2009
Traditional Craft Documentaries
Willow Bast
More on Mastering Endgrain

April 2009
Harvesting Hickory Bark
Welsh Stick Chairs returns
Master Endgrain

March 2009
International Ladderback Tutorial
Living Woods magazine
Making a Chairmaker's Travisher

February 2009
Woodwork magazine
Meet Bull Dog

January 2009
Spotlight: John Anderson
Sharpening curved or bowed edge tools

December 2008
Spotlight: Carl Swensson
Adjusting a shaving horse


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