October-November 2009 NEWSLETTER

2010 Catalog Now Available
The newest Country Workshops Catalog includes detailed information on all of our 2010 classes, the Japan tour, and the books, videos and tools offered through the CW Store. If you are on our mailing list, you should be receiving a copy in the first week of November. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a printed copy, click here, write “catalog” in the subject field of the e-mail; then include your full name and postal address in the message field. (Because the catalog goes out as a pre-sorted, automated mailing we can never tell how long it will actually take to get delivered.)

If you'd like to download a 2 MB pdf of the catalog, click here.

While we continue to offer our best courses from years past, we are also interested in possibilities for improvements. One area where you will see changes is in the length of some classes. In past years, many CW chairmaking courses have required after class shop work to stay on schedule. For 2010, the January 25-30 American Windsor tutorial is expanded to a 6-day format, as is the December 6-11 Rustic Windsor tutorial. The summer ladderback chairmaking workshop will be offered as the new Deluxe Edition, with 10 class days and a weekend break midway.

Winter Tutorials
Winter 2010 tutorials are limited to 4 students. Drew Langsner is the instructor. Tutorial tuition includes materials, a private room, our famous meals prepared by Louise Langsner, and use of specialized tools. Enrollment can be by phone (828 656 2280) or e-mail. The deposit is $350 with the balance due 4 weeks before each session begins. Other details, including our cancellation policy, are on the Country Workshops web site.

January 11-15: Ladderback Chairmaking - Make a “mule ear” side chair.
January 25-30: American Windsor Chairmaking - Make a bow-back side chair.
February 8-12: Carving Bowls and Spoons - The Scandinavian tradition. - Full
February 22-26: Rustic Windsor Chairmaking - Low-back or high-back.
March 8-12: Hearth Chair - This is Drew’s design for an all wood loafing chair. - 1 opening
March 22-26: Carving Bowls and Spoons - The Scandinavian tradition.

Karen Faasse works on her willow trellis.

Spring Weekend Workshops
During the spring months we offer several weekend workshops. These short courses are particularly attractive to those who live close by but find it hard to get away for a 5-10 day workshop. As always, materials, lodging and delicious meals are included as in the tuition. Specialty tools are also provided. Like our tutorials, these weekend courses are limited to 4 class participants. The deposit is $150.

April 17-18: Windsor Stool – With a Carved Seat and T-stretchers
May 15-16: Willow Basketry – Louise Langsner is the instructor
June 5-6: Bowl Carving – The Scandinavian Tradition

Summer Workshops with Guest Instructors
Old andons. Osamu Shoji
We are honored to welcome Osamu Shoji who is coming from Takayama, Japan to teach our Japanese Woodworking course. The project will be making a wood frame and paper lamp known as an andon. Click here to read a more detailed course description on the web site. Click here for a gallery of Shoji-san’s beautiful work.

Welcome back Jögge Sundqvist! Jögge has taught courses at CW since 1987. He will be teaching an advanced level course in carving bowls and spoons. This course is almost fully enrolled. We will start a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Coopered bowl.
Carl Swensson, our long-time Japanese Woodworking instructor, will be teaching something entirely different – making a coopered vessel with interlocked wooden hooping. If you already know Carl, you know that he is a perfectionist. Carl has been developing his skills with the Swiss Alpine variation of coopering for the past 15 years.

Tom Donahey will be teaching his 6-day course in making a post-and-rung rocking chair. This comfortable version features double bent rear posts, carved armrests, and either 4 or 5 back slats.

The summer ladderback chairmaking course will be expanded to 10 class days (with a weekend break at midway.) The course will begin with a field trip to a local sawmill where the class members will participate in the selection of the red oak log that will become the chairmaking project. Our expanded format will also include lessons in sharpening, fine points in tool use technique, chair design, and more. Our accommodations will be available during the weekend break, or class participants can take advantage of the many other lodging (and dining, shopping and recreation) opportunities in the Asheville area.

June 14-25: Ladderback Chairmaking – The Deluxe Edition (with Drew Langsner)
July 12-17: Post-and-Rung Rocking Chair (Tom Donahey)
July 26-31: Coopering – with Wooden Hooping (Carl Swensson)
August 9-14: Japanese Woodworking – Make an Andon Lamp (Osamu Shoji)
August 23-28: Swedish Sloyd Craft (Jögge Sundqvist)

Fall Tutorial
Since Drew will be in Japan for almost a full month we are only scheduling one fall tutorial. Winter 2011 tutorials will be posted on our web site and announced in forth coming newsletters as our schedule is developed. As usual, these tutorials are limited to 4 students. Tuition includes a private room, meals, materials and use of specialized tools.

December 6-11: Rustic Windsor Chairmaking – Now 6 days

2010 International Craft Tour
Japan – Focus on Gifu Prefecture
October 19-29, 2010

Masashi Sawamura demonstrates traditional paper making at his workshop in Mino.
The 2010 tour will be our 4th visit to Japan. Located roughly half way between Tokyo and Osaka, Gifu Prefecture is an off the main tracks area that is a treasure trove for traditional crafts. Our tour dates in October come at a time when the weather should be moderating and travel is pleasant in this part of Japan.

The guide and translator duties for our tour will be shared by Masashi Kutsuwa and Osamu Shoji. Kutsuwa-san is a woodworking teacher at Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture located in Mino. Shoji-san is a founder and head instructor at Shinrin-Takumi Jyuku woodworking school (Web site in Japanese) in Takayama. Drew Langsner will be the tour host.

We are currently arranging visits with artisans who work with wood and other natural materials. We have arranged for demonstrations at many of our visits, and it will be possible to buy outstanding craft work directly from our hosts.

For further information, click here for the Japan Tour section on our web site. If you have questions about the tour please contact Drew Langsner by phone (828 656 2280).

Two spoons by Wile Sundqvist.

Wille Sundqvist Spoon Carving Grasps
Those who get involved with spoon carving often learn about Jögge Sundqvist’s father Wille Sundqvist. In fact, Wille taught CW’s very first summer workshops in 1978. During those early courses Drew Langsner took many photos of the knife “grasps” that Wille uses for carving different areas of his beautiful spoons. Click here for our spread of historic Wille Sundqvist spoon carving photos.


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