Jögge discusses spoons and bowls. Sophisticated lighting.
Jögge Sundqvist and Rick Mastelli.
Control central.

“Carving Swedish Woodenware” is back!

This instructional video clearly shows how Jögge carves a serving spoon and a large bowl. Stock for the spoon was a rhododendron limb with a nice natural curvature. The bowl came from a split tulip poplar log blank. It was carved with the traditional pith up/bark down orientation.

The video was originally released as a VHS cassette tape. When sales declined Taunton dropped this production, so it has been unavailable for several years. Taunton has recently decided to re-issue some of their old material, and “Carving Swedish Woodenware” is now available in DVD format.

TP-01 “Carving Swedish Woodenware” DVD format

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