Fall Tutorial Schedule

Assembly day for rustic windsor students is always exciting.

Registrations are now being accepted for fall tutorials. These courses are limited to 4 students. Tuition includes materials, meals and your private room. Specialized tools are provided for all of these courses. Drew Langsner is the instructor. Further details are on our web site.
Registration can be by postal mail, phone or e-mail. The tutorial deposit is $350, with the balance due 4 weeks before each course begins. The cancellation policy is on our web site. The web site also has a printable registration form.
Our 2012 print catalog with listings for winter tutorials, weekend classes and next summer’s courses with guest instructors will available this fall.
October 3-7: Ladderback Chairmaking
November 14-18: Rustic Windsor Chairmaking
December 5-9: Carving Bowls and Spoons


Update: Our Summer Workshops

with Guest Instructors

Class size averages 6-8 students. Tuition includes materials, room and meals, and use of specialty tools (except for Japanese Woodworking where tuning your tools is a major part of the course.)

July 11-16: Japanese Woodworking (Carl Swensson)
August 1-6: Post-and-Rung Rocking Chair (Tom Donahey)
August 15-19: Carving Bowls and Spoons (Drew Langsner)
August 29-September 3: Coopering (Carl Swensson) – 1 opening


Special Books at the Country Workshops Store

Mike Abbott and Jögge Sundqvist books

New from our English friend, Mike Abbott. Mike’s third book about green woodworking is called Going With the Grain.  This time around, Mike has focused on post-and-rung chairmaking, and he has set aside his pole lathe in favor of making a drawknife shaved chair, utilizing rung tenons made with a Veritas tenon former. Mike shares myriad tricks and insights from the past 25 years or so. He also includes a variety of post-and-rung designs, including his “perching stool” with a forward tipped seat that encourages better posture than the conventional drop towards the back. It’s all in metric dimensions; but maybe this is a good time to start making the conversion. The book is loaded with color photos. 190 pages, soft cover.

MA-02 Going With the Grain

Save $5.00!
Jögge Sundqvist’s book, Slöjda I Trä, is entirely in Swedish, but it’s still something of a thriller for anyone interested in sloyd crafts from Scandinavia. Contents include making butter knives and bentwood spatulas, making a knife, clothes hooks and cupboard knobs, spoon carving, making a shrink box and rustic stools. There’s lots of illustrations, and the close-up color photos show off Jögge’s work very nicely. 89 pages, with hard cover.
Yes, books from Sweden are pricy. We have discounted the price and will probably not re-order after selling our current inventory.


Slöjda I Trä


Now $37.50



The Butter Knife Project
During the past month we received contributions from 4 carvers. The variations in design and concept range from straightforward and utilitarian, to skilled production, to fanciful and humorous. The photos below are of the profiles only. Top view photos for each piece are included in The Butter Knife Gallery on our web site.

Fisher, Fisher, Simpson

 Dave Fisher (from Greenville, PA) is known mostly as a bowl carver who has a wonderful mastery of contemporary (but traditionally based) forms from Sweden. Both of his butter knives were carved from naturally curved limbs, so they are particularly strong. Number 17 is cherry. 9-1/2” in length. Number 18 is hickory. It has a thin blade but is mighty strong with it’s fully with-the-grain, bent limb construction. 9”
Number 19 was carved by Will Simpson (Moscow, ID). This design is quite close to what one thinks of when considering the traditional smör knivar. It’s comfortable in the hand, and not too complex, so it was probably carved in less than 2 hours – one of the original (but ignored) guidelines for the collection. Birch with a walnut oil finish. 9-5/8”

Gene Faasse. Willow-cherry prototype, Survival Spreader, Folding Spreader

Gene Faasse (Traveler’s Rest, SC) has contributed 3 additional butter knives to the collection. As with his earlier butter knife (spörk knivar, number 16 in the collection) these are all fanciful, experimental, humorous, and what else???
Number 20 is an adventurous prototype that combines basketry willow and cherry to make a useful utensil. Working the twisted willow is always a challenge; willow wants to kink until you become an expert with it. 11”
Number 21 is a go-for-it fun piece that Gene says could be called a Survival Spreader. Mixed media, including a nylon sheath with snap. There’s a compass and waterproof matches in the handle. 13”
Number 22 is possibly the world’s first pocket spreader. It really works. Cherry, with a popsicle stick spring which locks the blade in place when the spreader is open. 5-1/4” folded, 9-1/2” open.

Jögge Sundqvist "Set of 3" #'s 23, 24, 25

The spreader collection now includes 3 pieces from Jögge Sundqvist. (Jögge’s black handled smör knivar – spreader A in the first photo in The Butter Knife Gallery – was given to Louise Langsner.) This is an especially fine addition, because Jögge’s production (but fully hand-crafted) butter knives were the inspiration that led to the start of our collection. We now have his “Set of 3” which Jögge says must stay together as a family unit.
Numbers 23, 24 and 25 are carved from Swedish white birch that was collected around Jögge’s home near Umeå, Sweden.  He uses artist’s oil colors for the paint, and then a finish of cold pressed linseed oil. Number 23– Red  is 7”. Number 24– Blue is 5-3/4”. Number 25– Chartreuse measures 6-3/4”. Our May e-newsletter features another (really nice) photo from Jögge’s book. (Note the sale price in the e-news book section.)
Thanks Dave, Will, Gene and Jögge.

If you are into spoon carving, or want to be, making a butter knife is a great way to test your tools, develop knife grasps, check out different types of wood, and play with designs. Please consider a contribution to the collection. We now have 25 very interesting pieces, and hope to see many more. The entire collection is on our web site at Spreader World – The Butter Knife Gallery. And of course the collection is available for in-person appreciation (including handling) if you have an opportunity to visit Country Workshops.



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