The Tribute Edition

Since our first classes in the summer of 1978 Country Workshops has invited some of the most skillful woodworkers to teach our classes. Now in our 36th year we have decided that this will be our last summer with guest instructors. The Langsners are looking for more personal time for arts and crafts, gardening and landscaping, family and travel. Also, we are very happy that our daughter Naomi and Teo Reha will be moving into the old Boomer Bill farmhouse that has served as our summer dorm. If you have been wanting to come here for a class with Peter Follansbee, Osamu Shoji or Carl Swensson this is the year to do it. We will continue to offer tutorials with Drew Langsner.

Class Calendar Update


Country Workshops tutorials are limited to 4 students. Tuition includes materials, meals and your private room. Specialized tools are provided. Drew Langsner is the instructor. Registration can be by phone, e-mail, or post. Details are on our web site at www.countryworkshops.org.

February 11 – 15. Rustic Windsor Chairmaking – Full
February 25 – March 1. Carving Bowls and Spoons – 1 opening
March 11 – 15. Ladderback Chairmaking – 1 opening

SPRING WEEKENDS - with Drew Langsner

May 4 - 5. Carving Spreaders, Spoons and Ladles - 4 openings
May 18 – 19. Bowl Carving (from half-logs) - 3 openings

LEFT: Carl Swensson demonstrates wooden hoop limbering with a bending strap.

(Video by Phil Fuentes)


Tuition includes lodging in our summer farmhouse, garden fresh meals made by Louise Langsner, and class materials. Specialized tools are provided (with the exception of Japanese Woodworking.) Class enrollment averages 8 students. All classes are currently open.

June 10 - 14. Carving Bowls and Spoons (Drew Langsner)
June 24 - 29. Coopering (Carl Swensson)
July 15 -19. Japanese Woodworking – The Byobu Project (Osamu Shoji)
July 29 - August 3. Ladderback (Post-and-Rung) Chairmaking (Drew Langsner)
August 12 - 16. Make a 17th Century Carved Box (Peter Follansbee)




1978 –2013

(Note: There may be errors or omissions for some of the older dates. Your corrections are welcome.)

Alexander, Jennie. Ladderback Chairmaking 1979-1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989; 17th Century Joinery 1991-1994, 1998
Austin, Jim. Lapstrake Boat Building 1994, 1995
Bengston, Ken. Swedish Woodenware 1995
Boggs, Brian. Ladderback Rocking Chairs 1991-1993, 1996
Brown, John. Welsh Stick Windsors 1995, 1997
Buchanan, Curtis. Windsor Chairmaking 1987-1989
Bull, Peter. Timber Framing 1999
Conover, Ernie. Windsor Chairmaking – Turnings 1995
Donahey, Tom. Post-and-Rung Rocking Chairs 2001-2008; 2010
Follansbee, Peter. 17th Century Joinery 1991-1993; 17th Century Carved Box 2007, 2009; 2011, 2013
Gott, Peter. Log House Building 1978
Karlsson, Hans. Toolmaking for Woodworkers 1993, 1995, 2000, 2009, 2012
Koenig, John. Timber Framing 1988, 1994
Kraus, John. Toolmaking for Woodworkers 2003, 2009, 2012
Langsner, Drew. Numerous courses beginning 1979
Langsner, Louise. White Oak Basketry 1980, 1981; Garden Cooking 2003, Willow Basketry 2006-2012
Law,  Rachel Nash. White Oak Basketry 1987
Lynch, Tom. Twig Furniture 1999
MacEwen, Marilyn. Woodworking for Women 1999-2006; Furniture Making for Beginners 2008
Mayner, Dan. Ladderback Chairmaking 1990-1992
Murkett, Peter. Windsor Chairmaking 1990, 1991
O’Hagan, Daniel. Log House Building 1979; Drawknife and Froe 1980; Timber Framing 1985, 1987
Sawyer, Dave. Ladderback Chairmaking 1981, 1983; Advanced Windsor Chairmaking 1997
Shoji, Osamu. Japanese Andon Lamp 2010; Japanese Byobu Screen  2013
Sjöberg,  Mats. Bentwood Boxes 2002
Stubbs,  Del. Spindle Turning 1994
Sundqvist, Jögge. Swedish Woodenware 1988; Swedish Country Furniture 1999, 2001, 2004; Swedish Sloyd Craft 2010
Sundqvist, Wille. Swedish Woodenware 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1996, 1997, 2001
Swensson, Carl. Japanese Woodworking 1983 - 1989, 2002, 2004–2008, 2012; Furniture Making/Hand Tool Techniques 1994, 1996, 1998-2001; Rush Seating 1996-1998, 2001, 2002; Coopering 2010-2013
Turley, Frank. Toolmaking for Woodworkers 1992, 1998
Weber, Don. Welsh Spindleback Chairmaking 1994
Wood, Darry. Toolmaking for Woodworkers 1984, 1985, 1989



1974 – 2013

Starting shortly after moving to Madison County in the mountains of North Carolina the Langsners have had the pleasure of hosting many generous friends who pitched in to make our farm, home and workshop the wonderful place that it has become. In 1988 Country Workshops initiated our summer internship program. This has been a June-August position, but there have also been several shorter stay helpers who were here during the few years when we didn’t fill the summer-long position.

No records were kept in the early years so there may be mistakes or omissions. Please let us know of any corrections. For instance, we are wondering about John ___ who came from Hood River, Oregon.  And who else? Also, if we’ve been out of touch, we would like to have current contact information.

1974 - 1987 John Chiarito, Cliff Russell, Sian Newman Smith, Peter Haney

1988    Peter Follansbee

1989    Marvin Mastin

1990    Chris Williams

1991    Rick Strubb

1992    Tucker Windover

1993    David Weiss, Neal Gunter

1994    Thom Price, George Born

1995    Ted Hubbard

1996    Ken Kortemeier

1997    Tim Wood

1998    Mike Clarkson

1999    Will O’Donnell, Sam Kramer

2000    Justin Skemp

2001    Shuhei Ando

2002    Loren Johnson

2003    Tom Ontko

2004    Mark Krawczyk

2005    Haley Fox

2006    Steve Houck

2007    Elina Holmgren

2008    Tim Manney, Rachel Williamson

2009    Dan Mirkes

2010    Tim Manney

2011    Zach Whitridge

2012    Phil Fuentes

2013    Nathan Wolfenbarger


2002 Volunteer Week.

For many years Country Workshops’ summer season got under way with our annual Volunteer Week. This was a time when friends of CW got together to improve the workshop (it was originally a very sketchy tobacco curing barn ), convert the old Boomer Bill farmhouse into a summer dorm (electricity for the first time!), build a winter dining room, and other projects. We had many repeaters for this event, many claiming that they came for Louise’ garden fresh cooking. The last Volunteer Week was in 2007.

This fall Boomer Bill’s will undergo yet another renovation, making it suitable for year around living – with indoor plumbing, insulation, and a safe heating system. Once again, a variety of work needs to be accomplished, in a compact time span. We want Naomi and Teo to be here next winter.

Louise has suggested another Volunteer Week. That means more great food and conviviality. We’re just beginning making plans for this project, and the “Vol Wk” dates haven’t been decided. It will be some time in September or early October. Contact us if you’re interested.

101, 102 - Phil Teeter (Wellington, CO); 103 - Kitchen Stix  (Round Top, NY), 104 - iklektik women (Sioux City, IA)
105 - Daniel Walling (Eugene, OR), 106 - Periklis Therrios (Syros, Greece), 107 Pamela (Harrisville, NH), 108 - Beth Moen (Siljansnas, Sweden)


Regular readers of this newsletter know about the Butter Knife Project. Spreaders are (usually) simple carved implements that are commonly used when serving butter -- Or nowadays spreads like pesto or humus. For years we have used “spreaders” as the introductory project in spoon carving classes. Spreaders are functional utensils and using them adds a special hand-made touch to any table setting. Making a basic spreader isn’t difficult, but designing one that looks good and is functional is a challenge. They can also be an excellent gift, or a comfortably priced hand-carved item to sell.

We invite wood carvers to contribute their version of a spreader to our design/study collection. There is no budget for this project, and it’s not a contest. Newly acquired butter knives are featured in this newsletter, and there is a complete web-site archive at Country Workshops’ Spreader World Gallery. This includes “as seen from above photos” that are not in the newsletter. Of course the collection is available for viewing and handling when you are here at CW.

Eight contributions were received in January. These include an olivewood spreader (with no finish) by Periklis Therrios -- from Syros, Greece. And a naturally twisted hazelwood spreader from our friend Beth Moen in Siljansnas, Sweden. Numbers 103-107 were purchases contributed by spoon collector Norman Stevens. Thank you, everyone.


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