The gouges, which are forged from ball bearing steel, are beautifully made and come sharpened ready to use. The Karlsson sweep system is based on the curve of a circle designated by the radius measured in millimeters. The gouges pictured are from Drew’s personal set. This HK-08 has been used for about 15 years now. Because the photos show the blade curvatures, the profile view bend is not apparent.

HK-10 40 mm width, 55 Karlsson sweep. Double hooped and bent. This is a large roughing gouge that can be struck with a steel head hammer.
HK-32 35 mm width, 90 Karlsson sweep. A bent paring gouge , mostly used for smoothing and fine-tuning the bowl interior.
HK-08 45 mm width, 150 Karlsson sweep. This dog-leg gouge is used to pare the bottom of a bowl, which is hard to reach, and where the grain converges from all directions.
HK-02 60 mm width hollowing adze, with 20 inch bent hardwood handle. Our favorite adze for bowls (and Windsor chair seats).
SH-05 Optional leather guard (not shown in this photo)

10% SALE!

The list price for the set of 3 gouges is $278.00. Our sale price until May 1 is $250.00.

The list price for the set of 3 gouges plus the hollowing adze (and guard)  is $595.50. The sale price until May 1 is $535.00.

Click here to see photos and descriptions of our other Karlsson gouges.

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