Nigel and Dolph shaving ladderback spindles.
(photo by Jan Harm)

Nigel limbering a very hot steamed rear post, just before fitting into a bending form.
(photo by Jan Harm)

Jan, Nigel and Dolph assembling a ladderback side panel.
(photo by Drew Langsner)

Nigel and Drew doing “The Chairmaker’s Handshake.”
(photo by Jan Harm)

An International Ladderback Tutorial (continued)

“The whole trip was fantastic. After leaving you we spent another 3 weeks with my son and his family. 4 days at Niagara Falls with my cousin, 4 days in New York, one week in London, 3 days in SE England, 4 days in Yorkshire, 3 days in Paris, 3 weeks in South Africa, one week in Sydney and a week with my family in Brisbane. The highlight of the trip was the people I met and the sharing of their lifestyles and the places that they call home.

“The chair and the pottery that Christa bought from Nancy all arrived safely. All of the people (and especially my father) were very impressed with the chair. I used the photos that Jan sent to explain how we made it. Everybody has made comments on the quality, comfort and style of the chair. I am so happy that you talked me into bringing it back to Australia.

“Christa and I would like to thank you for your patience, instruction, friendship and allowing us to share your home.

Nigel and Christa

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