Our Dual Micro-Volunteer Weeks for Summer 2009 (continued)

28-year-old shingles on the Langsner residence.
We could easily go ahead with more steel. But that much smaller roof is so beautiful that we’ve decided to go ahead with a hand split shingle replacement. To do this, we are organizing 2 small group sessions.

Part A. Starting Monday July 20. Splitting and dressing shingles. This is wedge, froe, drawknife and side axe work. If you want to become an expert at splitting ladderback slats, this is the opportunity. We will furnish all of the necessary tools.

Part B. Starting Monday August 10. Lots of nailing, plus flashing the ridge and around the sky-light.

The 2 weeks between Part A and B is for the shingles to dry. If shingles are installed green they tend to warp towards the exposed side. We don’t know how many days will be needed. It depends on how many people show up. If you’re interested, e-mail or phone us at 828 656 2280.

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