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During this past year we’ve been asking our class participants if they use our web-site on-line forum. The reply has been surprising; with the answer being almost no one. Many of our students tell us that they didn’t know we had such a thing, even though the forum listing is near the top of the index on our home page.

Country Workshops web site forum was set up in 2005 with the idea of providing a place to discuss traditional woodworking, particularly the areas that we focus on in our various classes. This is not a chat-room type of forum. Rather, we have been assembling an archive where you can find an on-going exchange of information about various aspects of our craft. Looking through the contents is open, with no strings attached. If you wish to contribute a post – and we encourage you to do this -- you’ll need to become a member. Signing up is easy. There’s a link on the first forum screen that will take you through the short membership process.

To help make the forum useful, we have divided the discussion into 12 Conferences. We start with a News and Message Board, followed by a section on Using the Forum, and a conference called Introductions where new members share something about their woodworking interests.  The conferences that get the most action are: Green Woodworking/ Country Woodcraft Techniques; Post-and-Rung Chairmaking (also called  “ladderbacks’), Windsor Chairmaking (the most used conference , with over 135 topic listings, all with multiple responses); and Treenware/House and Farm Woodenware (mostly bowl and spoon carving).  We also have conferences on Coopering, Japanese Woodworking, and Aesthetics and Philosophy of Craft and Art. Finally, there’s a section where members can post photos of their own woodworking.

The Country Workshops Forums are moderated. This means that posts do not appear instantly. We do this to make sure that the discussions are on topic. Most posts are cleared with 12 hours. We discourage purely conversational posts, such as ‘Great idea Bob!’ For this type of communication (important too) the forum has a feature that allows any member to send a direct e-mail to any other member.

After you write a post, please look it over carefully, pretending to be someone else who will be reading it. Make your corrections for spelling, typos, etc. Then click “submit”. This will generate an e-mail that goes to the moderators who review the post before clearing. Occasionally a post will not clear. When this happens we usually send an e-mail to the member explaining why, or how to make changes. For instance, sometimes a post is submitted at an inappropriate conference.

The forum moderators are Drew Langsner and Erik Buchakian. Almost anyone who reads this newsletter probably already knows Drew. Erik is the technical person behind the forum and a long time supporter of Country Workshops. His personal woodworking focus is on the Scandinavian traditions, particularly bowl and spoon carving.

One thing that almost everyone agrees on is that our Country Workshops forum members are a great group, bringing  a wide range of experience, interest and expertise to each  conference. Drew and Erik ring in with their own contributions and replies, but the forum really depends on you, the members.

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