wooden boat basics


In this workshop a classic flatiron skiff, from a design over one hundred years old, will form the basis of an introduction to traditional plank-on-frame boat building. The course will touch upon all the steps necessary to build a small boat: lofting, mould making, spiling, planking, steam bending, and caulking. We will also discuss power and hand tool safety, and sharpening. In addition to working on the skiff, students will learn to make a half model of the project and a set of traditional leathered oars. This design uses lapped (and copper riveted) construction for the side planks and butted (and caulked) carvel construction for the bottom boards. The boat utilizes a laminated bow stem and it features a skeg at the transom stern for directional stability. Overall length is 10’6” – 2 feet longer than the line drawing.

One or 2 boats will be built, depending on class size. The finished boat(s) will be sold to cover the cost of materials. Class members will have first choice of purchase.

Prior woodworking experience is not necessary. Students will be asked to bring some basic woodworking tools; Country Workshops will provide the more specialized tools for this project.

Tuition for this 6 day course is $1025. This includes use of specialized tools, accommodations and meals.

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Drew Langsner

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